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Hometown Crowd Sports Blog is Back!

For those who were following Hometown Crowd Sports Blog from its start, you may have noticed that it’s been a long time since I’ve posted something.  There are reasons for that, and I’ll explain.

I was getting ready to post my predictions for Super Bowl XLVI, but I realized that there were issues with my account.  For some reason, I was not able to share my page with the public.  SInce I was not able to share my work, I decided not to post anything until the problem was fixed.  After contacting Tumblr support twice, it looked as if there was no progress.

While I was waiting for everything to be repaired, I saw that my account was hacked.  I won’t lie, I was a little fed up and basically abandoned this page.  However, I decided to log in to see if anything had happened.  I was able to see everything I couldn’t a couple of months ago.

Since this hiatus, I have been very constructive.  I’ve been doing a lot with school and began writing for the website Jets 101.  I’m very glad that I’m back on this page and am looking forward to some great stuff.

- Mario Scipioni


Curtis Martin has been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame! Bill Parcells did not make it. Satisfied?


Curtis Martin has been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame! Bill Parcells did not make it. Satisfied?

Wall Photos | Facebookfacebook.com
SHARE this if you think Cur­tis Mar­tin deserves a spot in the NFL Hall of Fame!
To thank you for all your sup­port in his rush to the NFL HOF, Cur­tis signed foot­balls for 2 lucky fans. Fol­low @nyjets & tweet us #CurtToCanton for your chance …

Wall Photos | Facebook

SHARE this if you think Cur­tis Mar­tin deserves a spot in the NFL Hall of Fame!

To thank you for all your sup­port in his rush to the NFL HOF, Cur­tis signed foot­balls for 2 lucky fans. Fol­low @nyjets & tweet us #CurtToCanton for your chance …

Rex Ryan’s son to join Alabama’s Football Team Next Year


New York Jets coach Rex Ryan was deep in conversation with Saban when the Crimson Tide’s coach visited the South team practice Monday in Fairhope. Ryan said Sunday that his son Seth, a high school junior, will join Alabama’s football team next year. - Read full post


Glad we could help!  NOT!! #jets


Glad we could help! NOT!! #jets

At the End of the Day, It’s Just a Game


Obviously, San Francisco 49ers fans are disappointed that their team will not be going to the Super Bowl this year, but some are so upset they have become unethical.  As expected, Niners Nation is not pleased with Kyle Williams turning the ball over on two punt returns late in the NFC Championship game against the Giants.  Others went on to say things that many would find abnormal and somewhat psychopathic.

This is what an angry 49ers fan tweeted to Williams after the game:


That fan is not the only one.  Since the end of Sunday’s game, Williams has been getting numerous death threats from frustrated fans.  It can be agreed as many people have already said that saying such irrational things crosses the line.

Sports are fun to watch, and there is nothing wrong with showing pride for your favorite team.  However, going as far as threatening a player for ruining your team’s chance at a championship or wishing harm on an athlete just because you do not like him or her is out of line.  People need to realize that at the end of the day, it’s just a game.  Sports games are mere activities and are pointless whether fans realize it or not.  If someone’s state of mind or life revolves how well a certain player or team performs, then that person has obvious issues.

Like all other fun things, sports come with their negatives.  One of those burdens is the questionable behavior of fans.  What they say many times ruins the integrity of sports.

As for my perspective on an issue like this, making such threats to a player sickens me.  He did not try to lose the game on purpose.  Everyone makes mistakes, but we unfortunately live in a very unforgiving society.  Just like many others, I hope Williams is okay.  As for the angry fans and people making harsh remarks about him, all I can say is that things like that are beyond uncalled for and they sound sick in the head when they do so.  How would you like it if someone made similar comments about you for making a mistake?  No one is perfect, nor will anyone ever be perfect.

Hopefully, fans will learn that sports should not be taken so seriously.  Yes, they entertain people, keep them off the edge of their seats, and give them something to believe in, but they should not affect their judgment or morality.  One more thing, remember that football is a team sport.  Each team has eleven players on the field at a time.  Teams win together and lose together.  No one man is solely responsible.

On that note, let’s get ready for what will hopefully be a Super Bowl to remember!





Read it and share your thoughts.

2012 Championship Sunday Review

You cannot make this stuff up.  Was there ever a Championship Sunday as dramatic as this one?  The stage is set as the New England Patriots will face the New York Giants in a rematch of Super Bowl XLII.  Before all the Super Bowl coverage here at Hometown Crowd SportsBlog begins, let us review the weekend that was.

What We Learned

  • Being great in the regular season does not seem to mean that much anymore.
  • The smallest mistakes can cost you a game.
  • The Patriots can be stopped.
  • Punting still had a big part in this season’s playoffs.

Interesting Notes

  • No one has to feel worse about this year’s Super Bowl matchup than New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan.  Before preseason started, he “challenged the rest of the NFL” to beat the Patriots, and he said the week the Jets played the Giants that he did not come to New York to “be the little brother.”  Gang Green lost to them his season.  Look where both teams are now.  Either way, he will be eating his own words on February 5.
  • Joe Flacco silenced his critics and played better than Tom Brady.  His numbers for the game: 22 for 36, 306 yards, two touchdowns, one interception.  Brady’s numbers: 22 for 36, 239 yards, no touchdowns, two interceptions.
  • Tom Brady has now tied his idol, Joe Montana, for the most postseason wins in NFL history by a starting quarterback (16) and surpassed him in most trips to the Super Bowl (5).

Big Winners

  • Joe Flacco - The Ravens may not have won, but he showed that he can keep up with an elite quarterback and help contribute to a team’s success.  Also as mentioned earlier, he statistically played better than Brady.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw - Did it seem like he was everywhere last night?  With 20 rushing attempts for 74 yards and six receptions for 52 yards, Bradshaw had a big part in the Giants’ win.
  • Ravens’ Defense - They did what they had to do.  Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, and the rest of the defensive crew made Brady look ordinary.  WIth two interceptions, a sack, and a great amount of pressure on Brady, they were the biggest reason the AFC Championship was so competitive.

Big Losers

  • Kyle Williams - Not once, but twice he fumbled on punt returns late in the game.  Both eventually lead to Giants’ scores.  Not much else can be said when the rest of the team gave their best effort and he struggled to do his only job.  It does no matter if Ted Ginn, Jr. was inactive.  He should have been ready.
  • New England Patriots - Yes, they won and finally beat a team with a winning record.  So why are they big losers for a second week in a row?  The fact of the matter is they got outplayed despite their victory.  Saying wins are lucky is usually unintelligent.  However, this win clearly qualifies as lucky.
  • Billy Cundiff - It was the miss heard around the world.  How did someone who was a Pro Bowl kicker last season miss a 32-yard field goal?  There is no excuse for that.  However, he did have some help losing the game for his team.
  • Lee Evans - After a very unproductive regular season that included injuries, Evans was coming around.  He had a great game up until the last pass that was thrown to him.  Yes, Cundiff missed the kick, but Evans did not hold on to the ball after it went into his hands, causing Sterling Moore.  Had he done that, the Ravens would have been going to Indianapolis.
  • Football America - They may not realize it yet, but football fans have been deprived of a Super Bowl that everyone can look forward to.  The Harbaugh brothers coaching against each other n the big game would have been a classic, the elite Tom Brady vs. the Cinderella story known as Alex Smith, or a great even matchup between New York and Baltimore.  Instead, fans now have to sit through a rematch that is clearly not as exciting as it was four years ago.  Think about this, it will be one of the worst defenses ever against an offense full of playmakers and Brady against a pass rush that makes him look mediocre.  On paper, that is not a fantastic matchup.  This game is a spectacular one to wait for only if you are a Giants fan or a Patriots fan.

This weekend had a lot of ups and downs and scenes to remember for years.  It will be madness in New York and New England for the next two weeks.  Plan your parties and pick your pools, because we are going to Super Bowl XLVI, everyone.


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